Wireguard Server on GL-AXT1800 Slate AX

Here is my setup:

internet > Virgin Media router in modem-mode > GL-AX1800 Flint as main router > GL-AXT1800 Slate AX as secondary router.

I have set up Wireguard Server on the Slate AX. Using my iPhone, I can connect to the VPN and it shows connected, but I have no access.

I thought it might be related to port forwarding required from the Flint to the Slate AX, but that doesn’t seem to resolve it.

For info, the IP of my Flint is set to and my Slate AX is

Flint screenshot:

Slate AX screenshots:

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kind of same issue (just posted)

If it’s connecting it’s not a port forwarding issue.

When you say you have no access, do you mean you can’t access the Slate (and associated network), the Flint (and associated network), or the internet?

Thanks for your reply.

Well, I don’t think it is is connecting. The wireguard app on my iPhone says “connected”, but on the router side it doesn’t note a connected client in the wireguard server settings.

I have no access to either router or to the internet.

For Wireguard on your iPhone, check if you have these two lines. If yes then it means wireguard server can be reached. If not then it means the server cannot be reached at all.

So, for your issue, first we need to make sure on your AXT1800 you do not have vpn client enabled. Otherwise it is vpn cascading and have to upgrade to firmware 4.1.1.

If you only have vpn server enabled, then next thing is to check if your public IP address (which is the endpoint in wireguard config) is accessible and it is fixed. If it is dynamic you may need to use ddns.

Thank you for your reply.

In the WireGuard app in my phone, I do not have the two lines that you have highlighted. Please see screenshot below. So I believe the WireGuard client on my phone is not making successful connection?

On my AXT1800 Flint I DO have VPN client enabled and connected. I have firmware beta 4.1.0 r6 on the Flint. I do not see 4.1.1 available in the Downloads centre.

Look forward to your reply.

OK. You met the vpn cascading bug.

Let me send you the solution temporary because 4.1.1 for AXT1800 is not available yet.

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Thank you. I have received your message but I don’t know how to do that. Please could you explain?

Just some update: checked remotely and turn out the Virgin Media router in modem-mode does not allow any port open to the down stream router. It could be bug or intentially, which is still not sure.


After I rebooted the ISP router, it came back with the same IP address and I don’t believe the issue was resolved. To rule out the possibility that the ISP router did not reboot successfully, I decided to hard reset the ISP router. This has returned a new IP address from the ISP. It is ready for you to remote back in now, if you have time?