Wireguard Server to client for beginners

Hi all
im really new to this whole vpn/networking/remote access thing so im trying to do the most simple setup i can. please go easy on me
Ive got a Slate (AR750S-EXT) and a Puli (XE300C4) that i want to use as a server and a client. I dont have access to a fixed IP so im thinking VPN through wireguard is the way to go. I will beg my IT dept to see if i can get a fixed IP Sim card but i wont hold my breath…
What i am trying to achieve is remote access to an aircon central controller. Mitsubishi Electric AE-200. The controller would be connected via LAN to either device and then i would be able to access webpage and diagnostics through remote connection through the remain device.
Any ideas or guides on where i can start?

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Does the AE-200 has its own web interface or ssh that you can control?

If yes you can use our IoT remote access solutions.

Solution 1: Using our goodcloud solution

First you need to bind your router to Goodcloud account. Then if you have Enterprise account, you can access the web panel of the IoT device connected to the router.

Solution 2: Using Astrorelay

With our astrorelay solution, you can relay your IoT device’s web or ssh to public cloud.

Both solution does not need public IP.