Wireguard setup

I enabled wireguard on the slate, I paired my device via QR and I also forwared the port on my router displayed on the wireguard server to the slate device. However, I cannot connect to my home network. What did I do wrong?

Do you mean you made a port forward from your main router to Slate?

Can you post exactly how you have done that, including the IP address, ports etc.?

Do you mean that you cannot connect to the WireGuard server? or you can connect to WireGuard but cannot access your home?

main router port forwarded 51820 UDP&TCP to slate (

Load client profile on phone and put phone on cellular then connect to wireguard vpn (connection works) however I get no internet and also cannot access any local network IPs

On slate I had set DNS to my router which provides DNS

Is your gateway If yes then you do not need to set up DNS on slate.

Do you have any other app that can access the Internet? Sometime if other app can use the Internet but your browser cannot, it means your DNS is down.

yes gateway is

also where do I put the glddns address? do i modify the client certificate?

disabling dns rebinding protection seems to fix the issue