Wireguard site to site MT300N and Draytek Router

Hi Guys,

I need a LAN to LAN (or site to site) connection between a MT300N (costumer site) and my Draytek Router in my office.

The Costumer only has a so called DS-Lite WAN connection - it‘s not a reachable Public IPv4.

That’s the reason why the MT300N has to work as the Wireguard Client and my Draytek Router as the Wireguard Server.

It‘s also important for me to reach all the IP-Devices on the costumer site (behind the MT300N)

Will this be possible with the MT300N?

I have already made successfully a „Dial IN Wireguard connection“ between the MT300N and my Draytek but in this case it‘s not possible to reach the IP-Devices on the costumer site (behind the MT300N).

Do you have any suggestions for me please?

Regards Bastian

Surely you can set router in your Draytek and MT300N-V2 to achieve this but it may be complicated.

How about doing this:

use two MT300N-V2, on is behind your Draytek router. Set up port forward on your Draytek 51830 to the MT300N-V2.

Then use our Goodcloud to manage two the MT300N-V2 S2S setup and set up router.

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