Wireguard SiteToSite Vpn


i have a Wireguard Site to Site VPN with 2x Brume GL-MV1000

I have 1x Wireguard Server Site and 1x Wireguard Client Site.

It works good, but i want access from Server Site to Client Site.

How can i do this? Support send me email, just Portforwarding on Client Side on Router but this dont work.

If you use the cloud managed solution Site-to-Site Network - GL.iNet

you should be able to set up everything in your cloud dashboard

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Cloud is not my solution, sorry.

Do you have instructions on how to set it up?

If its possible to have Server and Client Wireguard at the same time on each device to enable access to both sides?

It is possible but it is complicated. I don’t have enough experience to set up for you.

Why not use the cloud, enable site to site and then disable cloud access? It’s just a tool.

ok i dont know this. we dont want our traffic goes over the cloud…

The cloud is the configure tool. Your data is not going via the cloud.

Ok i activate GoodCloud.

Is Site to Site over GoodCloud with Wireguard VPN?

Can i configure Software VPN Clients over the Cloud?

Whats the Prize of the Cloud?

Can i deactivate the Wireguard Server und the Wireguard Client, after i configure GoodCloud VPN Site To Site?

The cloud is used to configure Wireguard.

Wireguard vpn server and client are on your routers.

Data is not going via cloud.

Hope this is clear.

Without cloud you can configure Wireguard S2S setup by yoursefl on two routers manually. If you can do that, you do not need the cloud.