Wireguard speed GL-MT300n-V2

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I am using the MANGO GL-MT300n-V2 router and all is good however when I use my surfshark VPN on the wireguard connection my speeds are limited.

My setup is 50Mbps Down & 10Mbps Up. With wireguard VPN enabled my speeds are capping out around 8Mbps (which relates to the 10Mbps upload speed cap). Im using the connection hardwired with WiFI disabled and seeing 100Mbs connection on the LAN side to the router.

My question is why does this cap out. If I use the native SurfShark Application (on windows or Android) and the wireguard protocol it uses the full 50/10 connection with only minimal overheads so the speeds are good (48/8). I’m not doing a lot of uploading, so am mainly interested in trying to improve the download via wireguard. Due to my connection I cannot upgrade my upload speed anymore, its the maximum my ISP will offer me. So is there any additional configuration I can do this on the MANGO to help improve this?



I assume you are running a Wireguard client on your Mango, correct? I’ve had similar caps using Mango and AR150, regardless of the ISP connection speed. I don’t know the reason for that, and I have not seen any good explanations. I’ve also seen significant caps running a Wireguard server. I think the advertised VPN speeds are achieved under a different testing setup in a test lab that cannot be matched at home with ISP internet for some reason.

I tested Mango 3.215 firmware, as wireguard client download speed is more than 35Mbps. I use iperf3 to test. Please choose the same server if you are using speedtest.net to test. @ajj81

As wireguard server, the throughput will be halved. Because the data come in and out from wan port when using wireguard tunnel. Quit different from wireguard client. @virtu789

Hi all,

Looks like it was a bad ethernet cable. Changed out the LAN cable and now getting much better speeds (around 30Mbps).


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