Wireguard support

Hi there,

correct me if I’m wrong but currently, to configure a router (MT300N-V2 in my case) to use wireguard, I have to compile openwrt manually and I can’t reuse the existing image builders, so I have two questions:

  1. Is there interest on having wireguard installed on the stable firmware in a future?

  2. Is it possible to simplify wireguard installation by maybe adding support for it on the imagebuilder?

Hi bpinto,

Do you mean this:

[*] Networking support –>

Networking options –>

[*] TCP/IP networking

[*] IP: WireGuard secure network tunnel

[ ] Debugging checks and verbose messages

If this feature is more commonly used, it should be added later.

Hi tangxiusi,

yes this is one of the necessary configurations. Wireguard has gained a lot of momentum recently because it’s very easy to setup and it’s much faster than openvpn.

We would need this option enabled and to install the wireguard package on openwrt: opkg install wireguard

I know one day wireguard will come installed by default, until then, what would be the easiest way to build a custom firmware that has the same features as the original firmware but with the kernel change and the openwrt package installed? I have tried to create a custom image using the image builder but after booting, I didn’t have access to the Web UI config.

yes , I will suggest alzhao to adding this configuration in kernel. I think he is very care about this applications.


That would be awesome!

@alzhao To test if it’s working, you could try any of these free wireguard VPN providers: