Wireguard via Luci configuration

Hello can you help me make (step by step guide) working configuration of Wireguard Vpn in Luci?
Router is Ax1800 Flint FW:4.3.2
I have Warp conf with:

PrivateKey = %PrivateKey%=
Address =, fd01:5ca1:ab1e:8c9c:813d:ce61:fe5d:4bb2/128

PublicKey = %PublicKey%=
AllowedIPs =, ::/0
Endpoint =

i try to put it manually but vpn don’t work. Can you help me step by step what i need to config?
I install this package:
Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 14-23-53 GL-AX1800 - Software - LuCI

p.s Why you need this luci vpn? On main Glinet Gui vpn work just fine with no issues.
yes it’s work, but with standard WG vpn in glinet gui i have issues with smb so i want to try different way with luci vpn may be its work with no issues with smb.