Wireguard via Luci (WG0) and All Traffic vs. Split-Tunnel

Hi All,

So I have what might be a strange issue. I have Wireguard setup via Luci in a split-tunnel configuration for several subnets and it works beautifully. However, there are times I’d like to tunnel all outbound traffic through my Wireguard interface. I thought it would be as easy at removing all my subnets from “Allowed IPs” and putting in, “Save & Apply” and for good measure, rebooting, but alas, all traffic still goes out the default WAN interface but the WG0 interface is definitely up and traffic does traverse just fine if I manually put in the routes.

Anyone have any ideas of what’s the proper way in tunneling all traffic out my Wireguard interface instead of hacking around with ip routes manually? Thanks in advance. Cheers.

You should try changing the firewall, not wireguard interface itself.

You should add forward from wg0 to lan and add wg0 to wan zone.