Wireguard VPN Disconnection (2023)

Often when I try to access to the internet I discover that the connection is lost. All the times I have to set the connection to the vpn manually but after about one day the connection lost again.
Is there anyone who knows if this problem can solve?

Ensure there’s the PersistentKeepalive = 25 directive under the [Peer] section of ea. conf. This assumes you’re using a provider like Mullvad, Proton, IVPN, etc. You’d have to add */5 * * * * /usr/bin/wireguard_watchdog > /dev/null 2>&1 to Scheduled Tasks via LuCI if the endpoint/server is prone to changing (eg: Dynamic DNS/ddns).

(GL GUI → VPN → WireGuard Client → $group → Server Address → […] → Edit)
(GL GUI → System → Advanced Settings → [same passwd as GL GUI] → System → Scheduled Tasks → < add $line > → [Save])

sorry I am new with this do you mean here?

what should I put in here

(Flint v1 firmware 4.4.6-release1)

already added, I will test it tomorrow if the problem still persist.

still disconnects at some point, is there anything to add or adjust?

HI, what model, firmware, and VPN service provider are you using?
The reconnection issue has been optimized in lastest stable firmware.

If the keepalive directive is in your connection confs & you’ve disconnected/reconnected for them to take effect, then no. Are you using this all over Wi-Fi? If so try using etherenet/network cable.

I am using the latest firmware 4.4.6, I tried multiple vpn providers like nordvpn, mullvad, azirevpn still disconnects when using it on the router.

Where to find the keepalive directive, I am using a Wi-Fi and ethernet

How did you use Nordvpn wireguard?

Can you get the logs?

right now I am using azirevpn

Do you use multi-wan? Can you describe the settings you made?

using ethernet only and adguardhome

Please export log at Admin Panel.
You can also try firmware 4.5.