WIREGUARD + VPN policy (bug)?

Playing around with WIREGUARD (client) + COLLIE.
I’m quite familiar with wireguard. I have a wg server setup on a vps working ok with around 20 devices currently connected.
I setup COLLIE (x300b) to use a test config (wg.conf) which I use to test new devices
I copied and pasted and it work well. Device is connected to WG server and got its IP.
Can surf internet.
Clients connected to COLLIE can also surf and, of course, got the same IP of WG server.

I then add VPN policy to have a particular client (let’s say my desktop PC connected via LAN to COLLIE) to be excluded from the VPN (by its MAC address), everything work well.
Client got the IP from ISP and not from WG server, can surf internet etc.

But if I turn off WG client in COLLIE (DISCONNECT), that particular client, cannot ping the WG server anymore…

WG connected for all clients.
All clients can surf
All clients can ping the WG server both with its public address (45.63…) and with its WG IP address (10.100.xxxx)
Exclude one client from VPN by its MAC address then that client can still ping the WG server public IP (45.63…) but no longer it’s WG IP address (of course).
Client can surf internet without problem.
When I disconnect the WG, all clients connected to COLLIE got back the ISP public IP (of course), can surf (of course) and ping IP public IP of WG server EXCEPT… that excluded client.
That client, can still surf internet, do everything EXCEPT ping the public IP of WG server (45.63…)

I have to go to VPN POLICY and disable it THEN that client can return to ping the WG server.

It seems that, although WIREGUARD VPN client is deactivated…the VPN policy still apply !!!

Can you please check ?

It should be DISABLE automatically when any VPN service is also NOT ACTIVE…