WireGuard VPN Policy

Hi all, I set up a point to point WireGuard connection between two AL1300. I liked this router so much to buy another one for this purpose eheh. So, it basically works well. However, on client side, I cannot seem to have the VPN policy correctly applied.

I want to keep my client connection up and running but having only one of my devices going through it. Namely my Apple TV. Unfortunately, nor using MAC nor configuration based policies by IP seemed to work. Either it doesn’t go through the VPN tunnel, or the entire network does.

Please be understanding as I’m not quite an expert though WireGuard should theoretically be quite straightforward. Also, I verified by looking at my publicly exposed ipv4. Would also be great to know how to prevent ipv6 leakage.

Many thanks!

Not exactly sure what your issue is right now. Should the AppleTV go through VPN or shouldn't it?
What are you trying to achieve?

Should be the only device going through the VPN. In general, the policy per device should work, which isn’t.

Is the AppleTV using a randomized MAC maybe?
How did you check that VPN isn't working?

Im trying to verify that it doens't randomize its MAC although on tvOS is not as straightforward as on iOS. I haven't said the VPN isn't working, it is. What I'm trying to achieve, is to use VPN policy for having only that device going through the tunnel. But what I observed instead, is eiter all-or-nothing. Is just enough to check my public IP and I could see the change.