Wireguard VPN router setup for xbox one


I’m a bit of noob when it comes to networking/routers. I’ve bought a Gl.iNet router and I intend to run it as a VPN router.

I’ve connected my Gl.iNet router to my main router via an ethernet cable. Main router LAN to my Gl.iNet routers WAN.

My main router is IP is and the Gl.iNet router is

Then on my Gl.iNet router I’ve setup a Wireguard client to a US server. I run the Wireguard client and then connect my xbox via the LAN port of my Gl.iNet router to the ethernet port of my xbox one. I then verify I’m connected to the internet on my xbox. I use a browser on my xbox and check my IP location which says I’m in the US but then when I go into a game. (I’ll use call of duty for an example) I feel like I’m connected to the EU servers but my connection is from the US if that makes sense. (I’ve determined this as most of my games are full of players from the UK)

Am I doing something wrong? I can’t find anything online so I think this might be my last hope

You may want to check to see if you are leaking a local DNS IP lookup address from your provider. I normally use these two sites to test if they are picking up that I am using a remote VPN: https://whoer.net/ and https://www.doileak.com/
If you are leaking DNS info, take a look at your router’s MORE SETTINGS menu, and under Custom DNS Server, try Overriding DNS for all clients, and turning on DNS over TLS.

I’ve ran the tests on the website and my dns is from Europe, should the dns be the same as the country I’m VPN to?

If you are trying to hide your location using a VPN, then you want your DNS to be in the same location as your IP address.