Wireguard vpn server / android client


I activated Wireguard on my AR750S-EXT router which is in DMZ of my ISP router.
Created a user and when I connect my Android phone, using WG Android client, It connects to the wireguard server.

But how do I access my local lan through WG? p.a. my QNAP SMB shares?

I already tried Xplor but it doesn’t connect.

Thank you for your help

grtzz tom

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You may need to set up a global agent on your Android and be sure to use WireGuard to access private web addresses.
Also, you need to allow WireGuard → LAN in your AR750S firewall, you can do this configuration in LUCi

My Android phone connects to WG server so “setting up a global agent” and “Firewall” are already configured.

How can I configure “access to private web addresses?”