Wireguard VPN server avec acces au lan


J’ai acheté un routeur mango pour des tests.
Je souhaite partager mon lan via un serveur vpn.
Je dispose dejà d’un routeur, d’un pare-feu d’un serveur dhcp et dns je souhaite que le mango soit juste un serveur vpn sur le lan déjà existant comment est-ce possible?
Merci :slight_smile:

I don’t think you’ll find many Fracophonie around here, ami.

DeepL translation:

I already have a router, a firewall, a dhcp and dns server. I want the mango to be just a vpn server on the existing lan.

The Mango’s default DHCP & DNS services are handled by dnsmaq

You can disable dnsmasq via GL GUI → System → Advanced Settings → Install LuCI. Once LuCI is installed, log in & navigate to Network → DHCP and DNS. Untick a checkbox labelled ‘Authoritative’ for DHCP-Server. Elsewhere in LuCI you’ll find various settings to firewall & everything else ‘under the hood.’ You’d have to check your main router for whatever new IP it assigned the Mango.

Beyond that I do not know how to address the VPN server-only component. You may have to consult the OpenWrt Forums for that more advanced configuration.

(Side note: it sounds like a Brume 2 may be more in line w/ what you’re looking to do but I’d think a Slate Plus could be configured as such. Presumably you’re ultimatley looking for what GL call ‘VPN Cascading.’)