Wireguard VPN Tunnel - thoughts

I am trying to setup something like the setup in the image.

Does anyone have any suggestion on better hardware keeping ease of setup in mind. I also have Asus RT-AC68U but asus-wrtmerlin currently has no support for Wireguard

It is a typical Site2Site setup. You can refer to

Any routers from us should be OK

i’m using this thoughts sometimes. The first GL-MT300N-V2 is set up as VPN Server (wireguard, i think i needed to change some firewall-rules to let the MT300-V2 act as network-member and not as router). And the second GL-MT300N-V2 is set up as VPN Client. Actually it’s planned to use as holiday-router / hotel-router to use hotel-wifi as WAN and bring my own WLAN with me. So i just need to accept the captive portal only once and i also can bring devices wich can’t use captive portal (digital camera, internet-radio, toniebox…). I’ve configured the switch-button to enable / disable wireguard.
I really like wireguard as VPN, stable, fast, quick setup and it’s easy to decide if all traffic should be tunneled or just a subnet for remote-access.

Thank you @alzhao. I am bit concerned about Mango Router GL-MT300N-V2 being able to handle 10-20MBPS Wireguard traffic continuously for 7-8 hours each days without overheating or degrading performance

Also I signed up for goodcloud.xyz but my router always shows “Deactivated”. I sent an email to support,admin at goodcloud.xyz…can you assist

From email this has been solved.