Wireless configuration migration (luci)?

I have installed luci on MangoV2 in order to play around and I got this message when I clicked on the Wireless tab.

Wireless configuration migration

The existing wireless configuration needs to be changed for LuCI to function properly.
Upon pressing "Continue", anonymous "wifi-iface" sections will be assigned with a name in the form wifinet# and the network will be restarted to apply the updated configuration.

Is this safe to do? Will this break the “Factory/Easy GUI” in some way?

This happened to me the first time and I clicked “Continue”. There were no issues as far as I could tell.

Try and see. But I’d rather not do it.

It never happened to you?

I looked at the javascript code.
It only affects if you have anonymous wifi-iface entries in /etc/config/wireless.

Im on a vanilla setup plus a basic “repeater” mode so I think it seems ok!
Thanks for the help @wcs2228

It happended before and messed up my config. But I was on another firmware so not sure.

For future reference, on a simple setup all went well!