wireless iPhone Tethering + ar-150

Hello All,

I am hoping to use my 3g unlimited data as my internet at home through wireless iPhone Tethering

I have bought 4 routers and yet to have success (2x TP link, 1x Link Sys, 1 GL-AR150)

Today I have tried connecting my Iphone to the USB port on the AR150, still no success.

I hope to also connect some home entertainment to the router through wire and some IP cameras.i will also like other devices in the house to be able to connect to the wi-fii internet.

Should I get another router? If so, which router would you recommend?

The ideal is to hotspot the router wirelessly so that I have the phone and can move about the house.
Are there alternative means of achieving this objective?

Thank you in advance for your help.

You should try usb tethering with wifi completely disabled on your iphone:

settings > wifi > slider to off

Thank @chromebook, I have successfully connected to the internet using USB Tethering, I am now particularly interested in wireless tethering.