Wisp mode in hotel & US Netflix issue

I’m new to the forum. I have searched the forum but cannot find the answers. I bought the AR300M ext for using in hotels while I travel so I can watch US Netflix. But I am having issues. I hope someone can help me out. I am a novice but can follow straightforward steps.

  1. Connect to hotel WiFi in wisp mode (✓)
  2. Use my expressVPN L2TP/PPTP to connect (✓)
  3. Check on expressVPN. Com/what-is-my-ip for secure connection & DNS leaks, all green (✓)
  4. When launch my Netflix on Roku or tablet, it fails (X)

Can anyone help me figure what I’m doing wrong? I really appreciate it. Thank you

Find out what dns your vpn uses then follow the guide in this link

Netflix might work with proper dns setup, but depends on your vpn. I use Protonvpn and they have some servers that work this way, and others that don’t.

Hi Exile1975,
Thank you for your prompt response. I had a look at the link you provided but that seems to be for openVPN correct?
I’m actually trying to setup up PPTP/L2TP connection to use with Netflix. Just to clarify things a bit more , at home, I have a 2nd router (Asus) with the same VPN connection (PPTP method) to the same server in the US with no problems. The 2nd router is connected to the primary (which is plain internet connection).

My main reason for this setup is streaming while away in hotels. If I understand correctly, PPTP/L2TP provide faster connections than openVPN, hence why I want to use that method. Hopefully, I made some sense, thank you.