Wisp troubles with ar300m-Lite

Hi folks, just came back from a trip to Iceland and I had woes with this device which I’ve only had a short time.
Hotel - first setup - WISP working fine.
Next Day - WISP troubles - no way of getting it to work again. Cell phone could connect to Hotel Wifi.
Next Day - Wifi is not working anymore.
Had to reset the device - then Wifi and WISP were working again.

Another thing that reduced my happines was that none of my VPN connections worked. If I understood well there were DNS problems. I just wanted to mention this … will have to dig deeper on my side … but if anyone has an Idea how to get VPN stable … please let me know (I tried the DNS overruling etc).

Device was running on 2.27-testing.


can you tell me which vpn service are you using?

Sure … I tried these connections … without success:

PPTP to my home NAS