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Hi everyone, I have a gl inet ar750, I want to move to another country but I’ll still work fo a US Company…I wanted to know how to setup the router please, i have a family member who will let me put my GL iNet system at their place and use it as a VPN but can someone tell me how to do it please?

You can set up Wireguard VPN server in the GL router placed in the US, and then set up Wireguard client in the AR750 you take with you.
How to set up Wireguard VPN server: How to Set Up WireGuard® Server on GL.iNet Routers - YouTube
How to set up Wireguard VPN client: How to Set Up WireGuard® Client on GL.iNet Routers - YouTube

Thank you, I’ll try it

Couple of don’t forgets:

  • If your Gl-Inet server sits behind another router then the source router will have to have a static IP or DDNS address to access
  • If you use DDNS you’ll have to change your config file to reflect
  • You’ll need to port forward port 51820 from your home router to your Gl-Inet server ip.
  • The maximum download speed of your client will be at maximum the upload of your home connection.
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A couple things to watch for. If your family member already has a router, and you are putting your AR750 behind their router, then on their router, you will need to port forward the UDP Wireguard port to your router. This normally is not too hard to do if they don’t mind, but you will need to log into their router.

The second thing is where are you going to be working from remotely? Is it an AirBnB or some other place where you may be using a locked down WIFI or wired network? If so, then you may have an issue reaching your remote Wireguard server, as some AirBnBs, hotels, and coffee shops are blocking all but a very limited number of ports and if they decided to block the UDP port you picked, you will have an issue.

On my GL iNet AR300M, I have gone to running both Wireguard and another TCP based VPN package called SoftEther which I have running on TCP port 443, which is the port normally used for secure WEB traffic. SoftEther looks to the outside world very much like a SSL based WEB server, so almost no one blocks SoftEther on port 443. Having both VPN servers running allows me to use the faster Wireguard server when it is not blocked, or the slower but almost always available SoftEther server. Bad news is the stock GL iNet firmware does not support running 2 VPN packages at once, or running SoftEther, and it tries to monopolize port 443, so I am now running generic OpenWrt on my remote Wireguard/SoftEther AR300M VPN server. Works like a charm, but it was very time consuming to setup and test.


Bro if you don’t mind, can you give me your telegram or something so I can contact you and go further in the details please?? The thing is I had 2 gl inet ar750, someone set them up for me, one in the state and the other for traveling, wherever I go I always have the same ip address…based in the state, unfortunately the person who set them for me passed away but now I don’t know how he did that’s why I’m here…I used them for work and they couldn’t tell I was outside of the country