Works on LAN but not WAN or wifi

  1. Plugged USB into iphone, turned on mobile data, personal hotspot, allow others to join
  2. I have my main computer’s ethernet cable hooked up to the Beryl LAN port
  3. Changed the cable in the admin panel from WAN to LAN
  4. its reading well and have internet…but! I do NOT want to tether from a cable, I would like to use Beryl as a wifi connection tethering. Why does it not understand how to connect to my iphone through wifi?? wtf…help me please.

You can set up Beryl as repeater and connect to your iphone. I don’t see any problem until you give more details.

I turn on tethering for iPhone via WiFi and leave the phone next to the router
I connect beryl to the iPhone to get internet access and it found iPhone device but no connection to the internet?
On my desktop I scanned the WiFi network and connect to beryl but again no internet because beryl does not connect to tethering