Works with FW 3.201, but "SIM card not registered" with 3.203

I have tried (most of) the steps on the Modem FAQ. Does “fill a correct PIN” in the FAQ refer to “Password” on the router Manual Setup page? More information about the fields in Manual Setup for this error message would be helpful, e.g. Device, Auth, etc… We are trying to set up a GL-X750V2 for access to a T-Mobile data plan. Would it be wise to go back to 3.201? Thanks.

No. Pin code means the pin code for the SIM. But most SIM does not need a Pin

I don’t think there are major differences between 3.203 and 3.201 in this case. Can you verify by going back?

If you can help to verify, we will buy the same SIM with data plan and test.

Thanks for your timely and helpful response. I went back to 3.201, it worked, then went back to 3.203 and it worked. It turns out it was a weak signal problem that happened to coincide with the firmware update. So we’re done with this. Thanks again.

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