Worst experience ever buying online Flint (GL-AX1800). GL-INet + Aliexpress

Hi there,

I bought 2 Flint Routers (GL-AX1800) from Aliexpress with date 2021-10-24. So we talk about 140GBP (around 185 USD).
I got the routers in approx 10-12 days as usual.
The 2 routers I got had the coil whining problem described in this forum by other users and in a thread open by me a few weeks ago. Both of them had the noise problem.
I talked with GL INet using Aliexpress chat and they suggested me to return the defective routers, so I started the normal return process from Aliexpress.
More than 2 weeks from that moment, I still do not have my money back. GL INet cleans his hands saying it is Aliexpress responsibility. Aliexpress says the seller needs to confirm reception of the defective units. I open almost daily chats with them and none wants to take responsibility.
I have been buying online for more than 10 years and I have never seen something like this. No a single problem before with Aliexpress (around 600 orders). I have used normal complaint processes for items not received but not issue getting my money back until now with the Return+Refund I started.


  • GL INet is sending faulty units and does not take any responsibility
  • Aliexpress is not taking any responsibility in the Refurn + Refund process. The final step of the tracking number says “Your parcel is on its way back to the retailer. Please contact your retailer for any further confirmation” (normal in warehouse batch returns as they deliver 100s/1000s of small returned parcels in a truck) and Aliexpress is telling me to contact their own warehouses instead of doing their job. The warehouse does not answer and I am going to lose my refund. Seems proof of sending and tracking of delivery to the warehouse is not enough like with Amazon. This is Aliexpress in the UK, btw. Think twice before using Aliexpress for something > 50$.
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Not surprised, I understand and accept the risks when buying from AliExpress. I just use amazon/eBay even sometimes if it might cost more, but aftercare support is worth it.

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I have bought >600 orders from Aliexpress without any issue with the few exceptions, solved by Aliexpress.
On other hand it is not 100% Aliexpress issue, GL-INet is selling faulty products and not taking any responsibility. We are not talking about a software issue which can be patched. But a hardware defect easy to detect because the noise is evident from the moment the device is connected to power.

It is a simple customer service problem why make it complicated.

Here is what happened:

  1. You talked with our customer serivce via Aliexpress and we agreed to return and refund. It could be quickly.
  2. But you chose using Aliexpress to handle the return because the order is protected by Aliexpress. While this in process we, as the seller cannot do anything.

If you are not satisfied with Aliexpress you should talk with them, not posting in the forum. What responsibility can we take in such situation?

Well, end of the story.
Aliexpress did not refund anything despite a tracking number saying parcel delivered to their warehouse.
Despite that, GL-INet refunded the full amount. So I got my money back :smiley:. Big thanks to GL-INet.
I ordered a new GL-AX1800 from Amazon, with certain lack of confidence to be honest, as I read more people having similar noise problems in this forum and Amazon reviews.
I got the new router today and I have been playing with it for a few hours. Everything seems to work ok, without any noise. The router seems quite solid and the recent firmware 3.207 seems to fix some issue from my previous tests. I will test it a few extra weeks and if everything seems ok I will order a few extra for the family.


Thanks for your kind feedback.