Would this antenna work with the SpitzAX (GL-X3000)?


Are the connectors (SMA Male) the right size?

I’m assuming with such a wide bandwidth (600-6000 MHz - all 4G & 5G Sub-6 (FR1) Bands, according to the Proxicast webpage: Proxicast - Vandal Resistant Low Profile 4x4 MIMO 4G/5G Antenna - 3-4 dBi Gain - Fixed Mount - 10 ft coax lead) that it’s compatible with all 5G bands the SpitzAX supports?

Lastly, does this have an advantage over the “stick” antennae the SpitzAX comes with?

Please search the forum as there are many long discussions for this specific topic with recommendations.

For THIS antenna?! I don’t want any of those others.

Yes, it will work with the SpitzAX.

Yes, it has the correct SMA connectors for the Spitz AX.

Yes, the 600-6000 MHz support will work with supported cell frequencies. It will also work with the Spitz AX’s GPS.

3-4 dBi gain is not an improvement over the Spitz AX’s included paddle antennas. If you place that antenna beside the Spitz AX, you won’t see any improvement. If, on the other hand, you mount it on top of a vehicle (or building, or whatever to get it up and away from obstructions), you may see an improvement.

Please note that Proxicast suggests that “For optimum performance this antenna should be mounted on a flat, horizontal metal surface at least 8 inches in diameter” (i.e. a ground plane) - see Proxicast - Vandal Resistant Low Profile 4x4 MIMO 4G/5G Antenna - 3-4 dBi Gain - Fixed Mount - 10 ft coax lead

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Thank you for your answers. Re: this, however:

I’d missed the ground plane requirement; I was planning to augment the “hook” it comes with so that it could be suction-cup mounted to a window in a hotel etc. but if there’s no likely advantage over the paddles I’ll probably have to pass on it.

Proxicast makes this model instead, so maybe that’s the one I’ll go with: Proxicast 4x4 MIMO Omni Desktop Antenna . It’s just I have to order it from them directly, vs. Amazon (which is sold out) and lose the cheaper/faster shipping (and apparently a lower price overall at that).