Wpa_supplicant eduroam problem on MT300NV2

I live in a university campus with eduroam network and I’m trying to use the GlInet MT300N-V2 with openwrt connected to an ethernet port on the wall to create a private WiFi subnetwork.

I’m using wpad to do the authentication process on the router but it’s giving me some errors and I struggled to find a solution (even in the 2nd page on Google…).

The .conf file is provided by a shell script my university gives to users who want to connect a Linux PC to the network.

Execution of ‘configuration shell script’ and ‘wpa_supplicant’ with errors:

does anybody know how to solve those??

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and this is the .conf for connecting with TLS with a certificate instead of user and psw

Sorry to tell you that MT300N-V2 does not support EAP of university.

You need to use other models, AR150, AR300M, AR750, AR750s etc.

Look at AR150/AR300M - it’s a base SW issue with the MediaTek chipset on the MT300N, and likely not solved.