WPA2 Enterprise?


I was looking to use my GLI device for a VPN in my University dorm and when I’m at work but both my campus and office have WPA2 Enterprise where a username / password is required to connect and the GUI doesn’t seem to support this type of connection.

Is it possible to have this function, I found this link on the OpenWRT wiki but I’m not sure I have the skill level to understand what is required with it.

Just as a side note, I also think it would be cool if the GUI showed a padlock on the signal icons to show whether or not the network was open or had password security when connecting to a wireless network.


Thanks :slight_smile:

@monolo, thanks for the suggestions and we think it is good to display the encryption of networks as well. We are doing a major upgrade of our web UI and hope to have this features.

By default WPA2 enterprise is not support on the router. You may use opkg to install “wpad” and remove “wpad” mini. In my area I am lack of Enterprise wifi environment so I cannot test. But it should not be an issue.

monolo, that’s possible but it requires a bit of experience with the OpenWRT envorionment. OpenWRT’s Wiki displays a significant amount of insight in WPA2 Enterprise and the connection with a RADIUS server (a database server that stores the usernames and passwords, can be ran on your router).

I recommend reading this page: Introduction to 802.1x [Old OpenWrt Wiki]