WPA3 (only) support for GL-A1300

In testing my new GL-A1300 prior to travel, if I set my home router to WPA2/WPA3, then the GL-A1300 will connect OK. If I set my home router to WPA3 (only), then the GL-A1300 will not connect because the SSID doesn’t show up in the list of available SSID’s to connect to. Since this is a new product (March 2023), I thought it would support WPA3 (only). I did upgrade to the latest firmware. Does anyone know if WPA3 (only) support will be coming anytime soon?

Make sure the client supports WPA3. Not all devices support WPA3, so check that your computer’s Wi-Fi adapter is capable of connecting to WPA3 networks.

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I guess I wasn’t clear enough in my original post. I had my laptop connected to the GL-A1300 via ethernet and was testing the GL-A1300’s ability to connect to my home router to then function as when traveling and only wifi is available to connect the GL-A1300 to the internet via the hotel wifi and then use the GL-A1300 as a “hot spot” for connecting our devices.

I’m not even sure it is using AES, but may be using compromised PSK for the encryption. All devices sold after July 1, 2020 are supposed to fully support WPA3 in order to have the “Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™” logo. I guess that’s why it does not have that on the product box.

Sorry, I misunderstood, you’re talking about repeater supporting wpa3.

This could be caused by the channel, if your home router falls into channel 13, and the GL-A1300 region is in the US, then A1300 will not see it.

By then way, do you use 2.4G or 5G? What’s your home router model?
I try A1300 can repeat to MT3000 by WPA3 only.