Wrong "lang" attribute in GL.iNet web GUI

Been having fun messing around with the GL-MT300N-V2. After upgrading to the latest firmware (2.27), I did notice that the “lang” attribute for the “html” retains the value “zh-cn” when the user selects the language to be “english”. Not a huge bug, but it might be confusing to some users as some browsers will ask or attempt to “translate” a page if the “lang” attribute is different from the user’s locale.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Log into the GL.iNet GUI with web browser
  2. Set language to English (upper right button)
  3. View page source to see “lang” attribute of “html” tag

Thanks for this.
Actually the Lang in url should not matters. The language is actually changed in the backend.

We are working on firmware v3.0 which is a totally new UI

I think you misunderstand the bug. The wrong attribute value is used in the HTML, not the url.

Some browsers will take actions if the “lang” attribute doesn’t match the “lang” or local of the end user. So, while yes, I understand that actual language of the text is set on the backend, when it is set to “english” the “lang” attribute is incorrect and still reads “zh-cn” (see screenshot).

When using Chrome and browsing to the GL.iNet GUI chrome asks to translate the page from Chinese (even though you can see from the screenshot that the language of the text is actually in english). This might be confusing for non-Chinese users.

I see. Thanks for reporting this bug. The whole UI will be changed to v3.0 so we will take care of this.