WWan device missing

I have just bought my first GL.inet router, a GL-AXT1800.
and am testing it.

To use a travel router to join a hotel network,
I think I will usually need to use wwan - correct?

However this device has no wwan.
In the main Wireless panel, it just shows 5GHz wifi and 2.4GHz wifi.

In Luci, for wwan the page
wwan Protocol: DHCP client
Not present Error: Network device is not present

If I go to the "Interfaces / WWan page,
it says:
[Not present] Device: Not present
Error: Network device is not present

There is a Device drop-down menu
but no wwan device in there, just a “alias interface wwan”

So how do I use wifi to connect to a hotel or public wifi network?

Apologies, I misunderstood.
wwan is for cellular networks.
To connect to a public wifi hotspot,
I use Repeater mode.
this works correctly.

Also, the wwan device in Luci becomes: wlan-sta0