WWAN Speeds AX-1800 Verses AXT-1800

Hi All,

I was delighted to se R4 S/W for the Flint, and downloaded straight away to get away from the old OpenWRT 3.x was built on.

As I was already testing the AXT-1800, I swapped it for the AX-1800.
WWAN speeds were down @ 30%, consistently.

The AX-1800 has an NPU (I presume this means hardware offloading), I was a bit surprised by this. Other than the NPU, these are pretty much identical computation units from the spec sheets.

Perhaps the NPU only operates within the switching block.

Anyone done some comparisons as well, I would be interested in your results in different scenarios.

My Path is AX-1800->wwan->Cisco RV260->WAN Gigabit->Virgin Media Modem 1GB). I was getting aroudn 220MB/s throughput when testing on AX-1800 and round 320MB/s throughput when testing on the AXT-1800.


Hardware should be pretty the same.

Helo Alzhao,

thanks for your reply.
I thoght that, infact the flint datsheet suggests it can do hardware offload as well, wheras the 1800AXT did not mention this.

The test was wireless 5G wireless<->wirelss routed, so the channel was shared by wwan and br-lan.

Weird. I seem to be the only one that has this, so I probably did something!.