X3000: Block WAN

Spitz X3000: Missing “Block WAN Function” for Clients

Since the last update to “2023-09-08 11:29:35(UTC+08:00)” I miss this function. Now the WAN and LAN access is blocked.

I have used the “Block WAN” function for my NAS. So could access the NAS on LAN and block the WAN access of the NAS.

How can I set up the “Block WAN” only function?

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“Block WAN” will block your NAS accessing the Internet, not blocking accessing your NAS via WAN. But by default accessing your NAS via WAN is already blocked.

In firmware 4.x, we have a better solution: Parental control

Thanks a lot, I like the parent control solution :+1:

btw … Then I misunderstood the Access Control Blocklist:
“Access control allows or blocks access to your network from specific client devices.
A client device can’t connect to the LAN or WAN if it is blocked.”

The defination of this function changed when we add Parental control. Parental control add more flexibility so we change the original “block” function to block connecting to the router.

FYI the docs still say that you can block WAN from the clients list

Yes. Needs to fix that.

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