X3000 external antenna

I changed my x750 for the x3000, had an external antenna with 2 cables for the x750 (see screenshot) can I also use this antenna for the x3000 and if so, where would I have to insert the cables? I have 5 antennas on the x3000?!

Hi @XXXLA , just to summarize for others:
I assume that you want to boost the signal of the 4G/5G connection. The X3000 should have 6 antenna’s. Two 5GHz WiFi antenna’s on the side. 4 5G antenna’s on the back. GL-iNets product page recommends two antenna which each have four connectors.

I’m not sure if you can just dismiss the usage of two connectors.

Of course there are 6 antennas, I spelled that wrong! This panoramic antenna is 5g capable, I only wanted to use it if we are on a weak network, as the antenna is not permanently installed in the motorhome. I don’t want to drill a hole in the motorhome! What I didn’t understand now is, can I use this antenna and if so where do I have to connect it!

Found this here: Reddit - Dive into anything


Hooking up an external 2x2 MiMo antenna to the GL-X3000 5G.
Does it matter which two antenna ports I use?


Yes, generally it is not recommended to do so, since it would affect the performance and some bands may not recognize. And please connect them to the port Main and DIV.

You can connect a 2x2 MIMO antenna to the MAIN and DIV connections (the ones on the side of the X3000). IMPORTANT: leave the stock 5G antennas on MIMO1 and MIMO2 ports - NEVER LEAVE ANY PORTS WITHOUT AN ANTENNA. ALSO IMPORTANT: DO NOT REMOVE/ATTACH ANTENNAS WHILE THE X3000 IS POWERED ON.

Make sure to check the specs on your external antenna to ensure it supports the bands you need (e.g. C-BAND 5G in the 3000-4200 MHz range - or even up to 5000 MHz if your carrier supports n79). If you’re doing a comparison as to whether the X3000 works better with the stock antennas or with your external antenna, give it a good 5-10 minutes after powering on to connect/optimize to the available cell signals before running any speedtests.

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Great thanks i will test…

This is incorrect. The middle two rear antennas are the wifi antennas on the X3000.

I’m confused, what’s wrong?

As showed, two antennas on the middle of rear are for WiFi. Other four antennas are for Cellular.

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And which of the other 4 can I use for the external antenna (2 plugs)?

If only have two external Cellular antennas, please connect them to the MAIN/DIV connectors (on two sides of housing), and leave other two connectors with original paddle cellular antennas.