X3000 manually provider select

Can someone help me, how can I manually select the provider for the x3000? I search for the available networks and then what? If I select it here, the network will be blocked, but I don’t want that?!

Can’t anyone help me?

You want to lock the carrier, not the cell tower?

The provider is determined by the sim card you are using. You don’t have the option to select a different carrier.

If we are traveling outside of our home country (Germany) in Europe (roaming), we can select a provider manually with our cell phone, but that should also work with the X3000?

Very interesting. So, what I’m understanding is that your carrier that you use in Germany allows the user/customer to choose which carrier they roam on when in another country. It does not work that way in the United States. Your main carrier will have predetermined roaming agreements with other carriers. The user/customer has no say in who they roam on.

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It‘s not possible with German carriers either - but: There are countries in the EU (Switzerland to be exact) which are not included in roaming.

So if you are in the Alps in Italy you want to choose the Italian network instead of the Swiss one.

Here is a screenshot of my cell phone, here I can e.g. choose between Orange and Movistar! I can do it in Switzerland too, every European can do it!

That highly depends on your mobile contract.
So it’s not like you can usually choose between the carriers you want to use every time.

But within the EU: The mobile phone providers have concluded roaming agreements with each other, you usually have a free choice of network abroad. This is probably quite unique in the world. And that might be the reason why it’s not so well supported right now.

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