X3000 Spitz AX

Looks like X3000 is same chip as mt3000

That’s a lot of antennas.

There’s an XE3000 out there lurking as well…

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4 for the 5g 2 for the wifi

Xe3000 is going to be a big challenge

No USB-C power port???

nope , dc in
not a big put off anyway, its not designed for hand held portability and there are big power banks with DC out port in the market

Too bad there’s no USB-C port.

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What are the 4g/5g modules going to be ?

I’m looking forward to finding out the module options as well.

Not needed. I use these USB C to 12v barrel wires all the time. They work fine.


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I see, is it got to pick the right voltage to trick the pd powerbank ?

It has a 12 volt trigger built into the usbC plug.
It will tell any power delivery system to supply 12 volts, including battery packs and very cheap usbC bricks.

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I have had such a trigger for USB pd for a long time. The problem is that it destroys the universality of USB-C. There are a lot of USB c to c cables.

Another thing is that a USB-C device may not offer 12V but may offer the same Watts. Usually the converter can handle lower voltage and higher current.
In the case of a c to c cable, it all happens by itself, a bit magically.

There are different USB-C to DC55 triggers that max out at 20v or 12v.

I picked up the 100w variety (20v) for portable solar generators and stopped carrying extra power adaptors, just 65w/100w PD USB-C chargers and the USB-C to DC55 triggers. Very handy for several devices with the addition of adapters for non-DC5521 devices instead of buying one of each size (still 12v or 20v).

I also use a USB3 to DC55 (plus adapter) on my Spitz and skipped the extra cigarette plug cable. I even have USB3/C to cigarette plugs (12v), but never use them much.

12v USB-C trigger

20v USB-C trigger

DC55 adapter kit

USB3 to 9v/12v

USB to Cigarette plug

The 20v triggers are fixed at 20v or floating ?

I plugged a 20v trigger into a 12v/13v fan once and it ran @ 20v. Unless the device uses 20v, I just use the selectable voltage converters or 12v triggers.

Not having to carry around so many AC adapters is a big plus with the 12v and 20v triggers, with everything capable of running off of standard power banks.

I have a 20000mah power bank with selectable 8.5v/12v/15v DC5521 output , USB and USB-C out which has come in handy with the Spitz for a full day runtime.

They should be Fixed.

With DC 9-36V input and detachable antennas, it looks like it may be handy on-the-go to service dozens of users/devices with a myriad of power sources when an outlet is not nearby.

The GL-X750 averages around 5w, but it will be interesting to see the power usage on the X3000 at full-tilt with 5g and 802.11ax.

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X3000 maximum power consumption is ~15W, if including USB-A 5W power output, the total power is ~20W.
12V has better power efficiency than 5V input for such big power consumption, so we select 12V DC.


I can think of only one thing

If this ends up being quectel rm520-GL or an even newer module it will be fantastic

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