X3000 TTL 65 only works for my phone (Doesn't bypass the limit on my Laptop))

I've been trying to bypass my mobile hotspot's data limitation by setting the TTL to 65 on my GL-X3000 router. This method works for my mobile phones but not for my two laptops. I've tried different firmware versions, but the issue persists. Is there any way to fix this?

Try to force a rewrite of the TTL:

I've already tried that, but it still only works on my phone and not on my laptops. It works on all phones connected to the Wi-Fi, but it doesn't work on any of the laptops.


What is the value of ttl?
Is your computer mac or windows?

The system is running Windows. When I ping the local server (my own laptop), the TTL is 128, but when I ping the router, the TTL is 65.


Change defaultttl to 65


netsh interface ipv4 set global defaultcurhoplimit=65

Is there a way to adjust this setting in the router so I don't have to do it individually on each laptop?