X300B and Zigbee

Earlier this week I took delivery of 2 X300B routers to use in a zigbee application. But I cannot seem to find the zigbee device or get any response using a separate zigbee hub. I am also failing to find any documentation relating the X300B’s zigbee capabilities. Few emails to sales person who was assisting has gone unanswered. Can any one here point me at any X300B related zigbee resources?
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You should write to technical support support@gl-inet.com, not sales.

Can you make sure you really got X300B zigbee version?

As far as I know, the order, invoice and the unit says X300B, but to be honest I have no way of checking as that is the only X300 units I have.

All orders were with Zigbee support and the sales team replied:

Yes, the product supports Australian bands (EG25-G or EC25-AU) and Zigbee IOT module built-in.

I have tried both support and sales teams as there has been no answer from any of them. Has any one here got Zigbee working on their X300?

See attached:

I am really after documentation on how to use/check the zigbee module. I have a zigbee sniffer and a number of other devices and none of them are seeing the X300B.

I have replied you via email.

Support has replied to me and confrimed the X300 SDK can be found at GitHub - gl-inet/gl-zigbee-sdk and is the same across all devices.