X300B + GOODCLOUD problem

I’m trying to activate SSH on GOOD CLOUD to access remotely my X300B.
Although DEVICE is online and SSH is activated and bind in the X300B control panel.
I have restarted the X300B and logged our and back in on GoodCloud.
The problem persist.
No SSH icon on the DEVICE page
Can you help me please ?
Thanks in advance.

Please send the WAN mac of your device to me.My email is yongping.xie@gl-inet.com

Just sent from brokenby2703@p…

I need a screenshot of your X300B control panel like below.

We are sorry that it’s a bug of firmware.
Maybe you could try with new release firmware.http://download.gl-inet.com/firmware/x300b/release/
Or try with our beta firmware.http://download.gl-inet.com/firmware/snapshots/3.203_beta4/x300b/