X300B-GPS : gps invalid?!?

Hello, i have problem with the X300B-GPS . the GPS doesnt work …

Do you have any solution please?

Have you connected the GPS antenna?

of course it’s connected, i have try with 3 reboot with the GPS antenna connected on :
→ GPS connector = KO
→ 4G 1 with GPS antenna = KO
→ 4G 2 with GPS antenna = KO

i have check the connection on the board… what can i do more?

Ok, i have put the GPS antenna outdoors, the GPS have the status “valid” with good data.
It’s working on the local web adminitrator but i can’t send to the goodcloud interface the GPS data with the message : “device gps not found”.
Of course , the 4G and internet is ok.

Pls send me some details via pm or message.

it s send
thx alzhao

My GPS is valid, but in GoodCloud there is the message gps device gps not found!

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Welcome to my univers :wink:

Developer said your issue should be resolved now. It is a problem of certificate.

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great, now it’s ok for me thx!