X570 V2 Spitz broken wrong polarity


I damaged my router by applying wrong polarity to the power input. Which component do I most likely have to replace?

The broken one…

You’ll need to get yourself an ammeter or something and go poking around the circuit board.

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The broken one…

Thanks Sherlock

I found the faulty component. It heats up when I connect power. Can anyone tell me what this is?

It reads “05-720”


Looks like the controller of a SMPS (switch
mode power supply). But you have a good chance that some other components were destroyed too.
So don’t be disappointed if you exchange it and the Spitz still doesn’t work.

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Yeah, I think it’s rather unlikely replacing it will fix it. I would try it as an exercise if I can find a cheap replacement of that 05-720 smd.