X750 & BLE Option

I just ordered a pair of GLX 750’s with an Australian Module. Was hoping to have been able to order the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) enabled version.

Does anyone know when BLE option will be available? also what module is it using eg TI or Nordic?

Our target is in the end of May.

The BLE module uses silicon lab chipset.

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looking forward.:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

I plan on buying some more Spitz X750 devices (I have 4 of the early versions without the Bluetooth module). Are the Spitz X750 devices shipping with BT modules? Also, can we buy the BT module by itself so we can solder it onto our current boards?

If you check https://store.gl-inet.com/products/x750-4g-lte-smart-router?_pos=2&_sid=40bb75e68&_ss=r

You will have option to choose BLE.

If you buy from Amazon, there is always BLE.