X750 EP06-A on PagePlus issues

Hey all. I purchased an X750 with a EP06-A module. I have a plan through page plus which uses the tracfone.vzwentp APN. Simply going into manual mode and setting the apn seemed to do the trick and has been working for a few weeks now. Out of the blue while I was streaming a conference call it became disconnected and now says “Sim Not Registered”
The odd thing is I originally put my post paid Verizon sim in with vzwinternet APN and it wouldn’t work. I just tried that and it worked fine. Any ideas on what would cause this? Any tips on what the ideal configuration for my setup would be? Thanks! I’m new to LTE PCI-e and AT commands so any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Sooo… during that conference call I apparently hit 200GB. So that’s where they throttle. SIM works fine in my phone…at about 0.5 Mbps lol
Is there a particular speed it needs to be at before the x750 will “connect”?

It looks like the device is limited. Have you checked with your carrier?

Yes. 200GB is indeed where they slowdown exponentially. I reset the plan, now I don’t have data at all on any device the sim is inserted in. When I have time I will give them a call and have them check the provisioning. I also noticed that PagePlus does look at IMEI. While the SIM was in my x750 the system wouldn’t let them restart the plan because it’s a “non-VoLTE device” putting the sim in my OnePlus 8 Pro allowed them to continue. I’ll update my post when I have more results.

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Your X750 modem needs to identify as a OP8 :wink:

Haha yes I got that one figured :wink: SIM2 is disabled by software anyways. PagePlus keeps telling me it’s provisioned proper but still, even in my phone no data. I can call I can text, I can’t receive texts and i have no data. They keep trying to “troubleshoot” the phone. -_-

Woo hoo! I finally got a customer rep that knew what they were doing lol. I’m not sure what they did but they called it their “last resort method” lol
Working great now.