X750 firmware 4.3.2 beta 1

Since when I upgraded my X750 (1st gen) to firmware 4.3.2 beta 1, cellular LTE uplink has become unstable.
I lose connectivity multiple times a day, and the only way I have found to restore it is to soft-reset the modem, or reboot the router.

Looking at the “cells info” page everything looks normal though.

Any suggestions?

Update: I’m now trying with version 4.3.6 snapshot. There seem to be interesting changes in the modem area! Also, upload and download bandwidth has increased from 20 to 30 mbit/s after the update!

Update: I still lose connectivity after a few hours.

This version does have some problems.

Do you have IPV6 enabled?

No, IPv6 is disabled.

FYI, I had to upgrade to firmware v.4 because with v.3 I didn’t manage to set the VPN the way I needed (VPN used exclusively for accessing router’s management page remotely, with no other traffic routed through the VPN).

@lizh Is there any specific feedback (logs, screenshots, etc.) I can provide to help addressing this issue?

Hi lpaolini:

Please Send me a copy of the X750 log.

In addition, if it is convenient for you, you can share the equipment to this account ‘gl.inet_support’. I’ll check some information.And please connect the network cable to the wan port.


Sorry for not replying, I was away but now I’m back at it. I’ve just upgraded my X750 to version 4.3.6 release2. I’ll send you the log if it disconnects from the LTE network again.

I have never lost LTE connectivity again since when I upgraded to 4.3.6 release2, more than 3 days ago. With version 4.3.2 beta 1 it was happening consistently after a few hours (or minutes, in some cases).

OK, I get it.


After a few days on version “4.3.6 release2” I can confirm I occasionally lose cellular connectivity (I don’t know if it’s because poor LTE signal or a firmware bug), but it re-establishes the connection (and the VPN too) automatically in a few seconds, and that’s awesome.