X750 Not Recognizing USB Modem


I have the X750 with an EP06-A internally installed. I have excellent connection with this, however, I will be traveling and want to use a USB modem with a different carrier for additional coverage. For this, I purchased a USB dev box and another EP06-A. I am able to get internet through the dev box directly on Windows after I install Quectel’s drivers for the modem.

Here’s my issue: when I plug the box into the X750, it doesn’t recognize the additional modem. I should note, the modem is in the default QMI mode and works on the PC. If I change to ECM it appears in the router as a tether option and assigns an IP, but has no internet. If I change to MBIM mode or in QMI mode, the modem isn’t recognized by the router at all. I also installed the MBIM package via Luci software manager in the hopes it would recognize it, but alas, it didn’t solve this issue.

Any help getting the modem to be discovered and the interface working would be greatly appreciated!

If it works in QMI mode, it should work. I think maybe the problem is that the router cannot determine the two modems. Can you set up as qmi and get IP, can you pls send more info, including screenshot, ssh to the router and use the following command