X750 Slow Internet?

Hello Everyone,

I am working with the X750 wet up on T-mobile and using SurfShark VPN. I have it playing but it is not right.

To test I sat my cell phone near my X750. It connects fine. I ran multiple speed tests and all were in the 4mbps range…

I disabled the VPN and tested more. Now I am see 6-7mbps.

I changed the outbound TTL to 65 and tested. A solid 11-12mbps.

Finally, I turned the wifi off on my phone and tested with my phone using cell data. 62mbps…

Everything looks ok to me except the dismal speed tests.




can you check speed on X750 using cable? what is the speed?

I have not. I will give that a shot tomorrow.

Wired ethernet connected from my laptop to the router. Speed test yielded 10.5mbps.

If I could get 20mbps I would be satisfied.

Can you try beta2 http://download.gl-inet.com/firmware/snapshots/3.105_beta2/x750/

It should be improved.

Thanks for the link. I ran the firmware upgrade and speeds may have improved a bit but not much.

Is anyone else here running on T-Mobile?