X750 speeds

Im new to these forums, so be kind. I recently bought the x750 and flashed the new Golden Orb firmware based on OPEN WRT and installed my tmobil;e sim and am receiving download speed of 35-40 mbps. which is functional but not ideal. The same sim put into a phone and tested in the same location, reaches speed over 100mbps. What could be causing this discrepency? would a different ttl help this? Ive tried 65, 66, 67, 117 etc to no avail.

thanks for your time


Please remember that your X750 is running a Cat 4 or 6 modem (EC25 or EP06), while your phone is probably Cat 16 or above (if it’s a modern phone).

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Any newer phone will most likely be faster because of better modem. You can upgrade the modem in the X750 and maybe install outdoor antennas but it can get expensive. This is true for any LTE modem/router combo, not just the X750.

What would an example of a faster modem be that would fit in this device? What socket does the x750 use for the modem chip/card?

ep06 modem is perfectly capable of well over 100mbps what could be causing this slowdown?

EP06 can get 10Mbps but not very easy. Have you choose QMI mode than ttyUSB mode in your firmware setting?