X750 SPITZ Mode

Hi, I use my phone as a hotspot, with the phone in the window at the back of the house i can get a 5g signal, running ookla on the phone tells me i am getting around 230 Mbps (this varies), i bought an X750 which i connect by wireless to the phones 5GHz SSID however by the time i connect to the X750 5 GHz SSID on my laptop which is around 25 feet away my laptop tells me i am getting only around 80 Mbps.
Currently i am running the SPITZ in router mode which is probably wrong, my question is which mode would be best for this situation.
I should say if i connect my laptop (still 25 feet away) to the phones hotspot my speed is around 130 Mbps, i had hoped the X750 would somehow claw back some Mbps.
I have tried the X750 sitting next to the phone and then moved it 25 feet so its next to the laptop but performance seems about the same.
Maybe selecting another “mode” might be beneficial ?, thoughts please.

Your Spitz is a 4G modem only and only capable of Cat 4 LTE aggregation. It will never be as fast as your phone.

Hi, think you misunderstand, i am using the SPITZ as a repeater to my 5G phone hotspot looking at the quoted transmission speeds i am surprised by the signal degradation in the space of 25 feet.

If I understand correctly, you are using the Spitz GL-X750 to extend the wifi of your 5G smartphone. In this case, the Spitz works in “Router” network mode, but you can try “Extender” network mode via Admin Panel → MORE SETTINGS → Network Mode. Typically, an extender should be positioned between (approx. 1/2 way) the source router and the destination client, for better signal strength at both ends.

Using the 5Ghz wifi band to both the source router and the destination client will reduce throughput by approx. 1/2 because the single radio in the Spitz cannot receive and transmit at the same time, so it has to take turns. You can try using 5GHz wifi to the source and 2.4GHz to the destination, or vice versa, but 2.4GHz has a lower speed limitation.

The Spitz only has 1x1 wifi with a lower maximum throughput, whereas newer smartphones and laptops may have 2x2 wifi.

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wcs2228, thanks very much for the explanation, it makes perfect sense, i tried changing the mode to extender and swapping to 2.4 GHz etc etc, seems i am fighting a loosing battle.
Would you happen to know of a GL Inet router that can handle 5 GHz input and output at the same time ?.

Short of connecting 2 routers together via Ethernet cable with 1 as 5Ghz router and 1 as 5GHz access point, I am not aware of any Gl.iNet router with dual 5GHz radios, only separate radios for 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Here are some options:

  1. If the smartphone is compatible with the router, then you can try USB Tethering which may give you higher speed, but likely not the full 230Mbps due to processing overhead.

  2. If your smartphone runs Android 11 or higher, then you can try plugging in a USB-C-to-Ethernet adapter ($10-$15) into the smartphone, connecting an Ethernet cable from the adapter to the router WAN port, and enabling “Ethernet Tethering” in the hotspot settings. This should not be compatibility issues over standard Ethernet.

  3. Netgear and maybe other brands makes tri-band extenders, which has two 5GHz bands and one 2.4GHz band. I have not personally tested one, but one of the 5GHz bands can be dedicated to connect to the source router and the two other bands can be used by destination clients.

Hi, i tried the USB tethering option a few days ago but the resulting speed was very disappointing and i could not understand that, i will give it another go incase i was doing something silly, USB tethering was infact my prefered setup as it would keep the phone charged at the same time.
I looked at USB-C-to-Ethernet adapter option as well though not tried that yet.
Once again, thank you for your help.