X750-v3.201 DNS-over-TLS

Hi all,

I’ve updated to 3.201 for my x750 Splitz.

I tried enabling the DNS-Over-TLS : Cloudflare.

however, after i do that, when i check my dns from www.whatsmydnsserver.com , it still shows Google.

You also need to select overrride all dns from clients.

Also check on your pc if you are also using dns encryptions (I don’t know how though). If yes, the router cannot capture your clients’ dns inquiry.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Will test it later.

Well my mobile phone is showing cloudflare.

Maybe the issue is with my PC. Windows10

This page should indicate if you are using Cloudflare & DNS over TLS

If you cant fix this, pls add tthis to the follow DNS leak tread: