So I have never had internet without going through a company. Just tired of getting ripped off. So my question is: Can the Beryl support XBOX Live? Can any of the Travel Routers support XBOX Live? If not what is the best Router?

Do you have a ipv6 network or strict NAT of your company network?

See this is why I havent done this yet. lol. not exactly a tech guy. I don’t really understand most of that. Know what a strict NAT is as I have been playing xbox for a while. Im not ure if I have an ipv6 network. Currently I am using a T-Mobile hotspot on my phone as we have limited internet companies where we are and they suck. I know enough to realize it is a wise idea to get an ipv6 network capable router. So with that I do not have a company network at this present time unless you want to count T-Mobile which I was planning on trying to use for my internet via their one of there sim cards.

Not sure this is your case.

We got several cases that when people use carrier network or cable which only offer ipv6, it breaks gaming machines, which still rely on ipv4 and NAT to work.

So may need to set up vpn and do ipv4-ipv6-ipv4 setup.

Not yet get the solution finished.

I have surfshark. Always use a vpn. It sounds like these routers can do xbox live if set up correctly. Is there any place that will help me with the setup or guide me at least as I have zero clue what i am doing