Xbox series x connection

Hello, hopefully this can be viewed. I have a GL-AXT1800 Slate AX and also a modem from the internet company. Trying to hook the Xbox series x up to the AXT. Any help on that? I’m not that technical savvy. Is there some better instructions for the Xbox set up?


Open this ports if you want play online

When I understand your setup correct, the settings mentioned in the last post needs to be set on both, provider router and GL-Inet device l.

Double NAT is not good for gaming, maybe you should attack the Xbox X direct to the providers router.
But for me the linked setup works well for the following setups:

  • Home direct to providers router
  • Home with GLInet router behind providers router
  • Remote with GLInet router VPN to my home VPN server.

The last one with limited access (no multiplayer), but it works.